I would give up all of my drawing ability to be able to sing.

I have always wanted to sing, but unfortunately, i cannot carry a tune.  Don’t get me wrong, i love being able to draw, and I believe that works of art do speak to people. But when you hear someone sing, really sing it can take your breath away.  I love seeing people follow their dreams…no matter how out of reach they seem.  Pursuing ones passion is their greatest gift to humanity, because during their pursuit we as viewers, listeners, or however get to experience it.  I want to direct your attention to someone who i care about a lot.  My younger sister Hannah “Birdie” to me (technically cousin, again, very close to my cousins) whom is following her passion for singing.  Ever since she was super tiny she has been singing and entertaining us all.  Just yesterday she showed me her first take at recording for youtube.


Take a look, support her, and encourage her to follow her passion, as there is no greater gift one can give. Please share with me your talents and gifts! I love to see whatever you all are up to! You can also follow me on instagram as SethAJones, twitter as sethajones@raggamuffincomic.  You can find Hannah’s links from there too!



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